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Gila 100 mile, 50 mi, and half marathon

The first annual Gila 100 will be in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Gila wilderness, the oldest and second largest wilderness in the country. We hope with this race to draw runners who will feel at home in the community that honors and promotes the preservation and enjoyment of this pristine forest. 

Starting a few miles east of Silver City in history Bayard, the race will cross rugged yet runnable terrain from rolling hills of the high desert to ponderosa pine peaks reaching 9,000 ft on the Continental Divide Trail.

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Course Description for 50 and 100 mile race

The race starts at Historic Fort Bayard Baton Park, with a fast start of 1-2 miles of paved road bringing you into Fort Bayard.  From there, the road turns to dirt for about another 4 miles to the Big Tree trailhead where you'll find your first aid station approx. 6 miles in.  
In about a mile you will come past our historic Big Juniper Tree.  Please say a blessing as you pass for its continued long life.   From here, your journey into the mountains you've been viewing from a distance begins.  Following the Sawmill Wagon road for about 3 miles, the course climbs up into the saddle of Twin Sisters and Black Peak.  At the base of Black we join up with the CDT for more scenic climbing for about 3 miles.  There you'll find your second aid station, at about mile 13, where the CDT meets Signal Peak road. 
The course then continues on down the CDT, rolling along the ridge with many great views along the way.  This is about 5 miles of runnable decent to Aztec park aid station at mile 18.  
From there you'll have 8 more miles of awesome single track with majestic views along the CDT.   The final descent into Sapillo Group Camp, brings you into the picturesque Mimbres river valley, with a few twists and turns that end you on a dirt road bringing you to the mile 25 aid station.  This is the 50 mile turn around!! Time to see everything from the other direction!
100 milers got more to do. Heading out down the valley on double track dirt road, and in a couple miles you'll cross Highway 35.   Here you make your way along the north side of the valley before getting to a limited aid station at about mile 30.  
The course turns North from there, and begins the gradual climb up and out of the valley.  You'll make your way through the forest and up onto North Star Mesa road, where you'll find the mile 36 aid.
The next 6 miles is some dirt road running on one of the most scenic roads in New Mexico.  Continuing to climb, you'll make it to the 42 aid station at Rocky Canyon Camp.  Pacers can join up here, or wait till the runners come back from the turnaround at mile 58.
Leaving Rocky Canyon, the road gets less drivable, and that just means it's better for runners.   Creek crossings and plenty of rocks.  And as always, impressive views.  At about mile 50, you'll get to the turnaround at Black Canyon Camp.  You did it!  Now it's time to do it all again in reverse!

The 100 mile cutoff will be 33 hours. 50 mile will have lots of time, 20 hours.  As will the half marathon, with a 6 hour cutoff.

Please check back for full runners manual

Our amazing Athletics program is an integral part of life at Gila Endurance Runs. From traditional activities, to something a little different, we guarantee a fun and exhilarating time for all participants.

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